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Recently, Raleigh photographers Steve Jackle and Chris Formont have started a personal partnership project called the "basement sessions" to showcase the people and personalities of the Raleigh music scene.

The project will focus mainly on individuals that support the scene off-stage and behind the scenes. It takes a community of fans, roadies, light technicians, sound guys, bouncers, bartenders, spouses, children, relatives, teachers, and businesses to make the scene sustainable and alive. So much focus is on the stage when the band starts playing that these pillars of the music infrastructure can easily be overlooked or forgotten. This is our way of showing our appreciation for all their efforts.

Participation will be invitation only with a goal of capturing the “real personality” of these important contributors in the relax environment of Steve’s “basement” studio. This is a not a fashion shoot but we encourage you to bring your personal fashion sense and style. In our minds you are already celebrities so relax and be yourself. This is not intended to be a stuffy shoot for grandma but a way to be showcased through the eyes of two different photographers that work creatively with you to show your personality.

Here is a gallery where the photographers step in front of the camera.

Chris “All Things NY – except onions Mang” Formont

Steve “Choke a mang who does not like onions or the Packers” Jackle
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