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The Temperance Movement is a British rock n' roll band that is on their first US tour with Blackberry Smoke. Last year they opened some shows for the Rolling Stones on their European tour.

I just heard about them recently from my old friend Rick Ramirez that runs a guitar shop called NC Electric in Carrboro, NC. He has some connections with the band and hired me to photograph their set. He also is promoting their headline show on April 20, 2015 at Ziggy's By The Sea.
Check this band! They are one of my new favorites on the scene and some really cool guys too. Best of luck in the US!
  • Phil Campbell — vocals
  • Luke Potashnick — guitars
  • Paul Sayer — guitars
  • Nick Fyffe — bass
  • Damon Wilson — drums
Nick Fyffe — bassKick it to the The Temperance MovementDancing a Jig Movement StyleLuke Potashnick — guitarsLuke Potashnick — guitarsThe Temperance Movement and a quite a few friendsStomping to the GrooveHarmonizing the MovementDrummer Damon WilsonThe Temperance Movement Drum headDamon Wilson - The Temperance Movement DrummerDamon Wilson drives the beat of The Temperance MovementPhil Campbell - Lead vocalsPhil Campbell grabs hold of the crowdPaul Sayer -guitaristNick Fyffe — bass