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The Stu Hamm Rock Experience stormed in Raleigh on July2 at the Pour House Music Hall. In North Carolina, July 4th is a beach weekend for many people so the Rock Experience played to a intimate crowd. I have been a bass player since 1981 and have been a fan of and inspired by Stu Hamm's playing since seeing him with Joe Satriani in Raleigh almost 30 years ago. I still remember his version of the "Charlie Brown Theme" from that show today.

The whole show was laid back and mind-blowing at the same time. All the musicians on the stage were top notch players and great people as I discovered after the show.

If you do not know who Stu Hamm is search YouTube and check out his site www.stuarthamm.net.

Bass players check out his records and instructional materials to get inspired and improve your playing.

Stu Hamm : Bass
Jeff Bowder : Drums - Drummers - Check this guy out!
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