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Preacher Stone brought their unique version of Southern Rock to the Southland ballroom for a great cause on Saturday August 1, 2015.
All the bands played for the The Darrell Newton Foundation of music helping musicians.
Ronnie Riddle – Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Marty Hill – Lead Guitar Slide Dobro
Ben Robinson – Lead Guitar Slide Vocals
Johnny Webb – B3, Keyboards, Vocals
Mark Hill – Drums, Vocals
Jim Bolt – Bass, Vocals

From the http://www.musichelpingmusicians.org/ About Page:

"The Darrell Newton Foundation of music helping musicians was established after Darrell passed away August 21, 2012. He lost his very brave battle against cancer. He started playing guitar at an early age and music became his passion in life. The foundation was established in Darrell's honor in October, 2012. Our goal is to provide assistance to musicians with medical expenses no matter the cause of illness or injury. Support for musicians in need will be given after a request is made. To make your request go to the contact page. Your request will then be reviewed and a decision made by the Board of Trustees. The foundation will raise money throughout the year by proceeds from special foundation benefit concerts as well as private donations, corporate donations and sponsorships. The Darrell Newton Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization."
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