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I have been an Iron Maiden fan since my college years in the 1980s. This past Friday night, I decided to check out "Piece of Time"" a Raleigh based Iron Maiden tribute band at the Southland Ballroom.

It is a hit-or-miss proposition with many tribute bands that I have seen over the years. If a band covers Maiden then they need to have a strong bass player and vocalist.
Yes, I am biased a bit on this because I am a bassist and Steve Harris is one of my favorite bass players. Not to mention that Bruce Dickinson is arguably the best metal singers of all time.

Honestly, I was very pleasantly surprised with this band. They stayed true to the spirit of a live Iron Maiden show. If you are a Maiden fan, keep on eye out for these guys in your area. Definitely, worth checking them out.

Piece of Time Band:
Doug Chambers -lead vocals
Frank Karcher - bass, vocals
Jimmy Clark - guitar, vocals
Paul Mossey -guitar
Dan Heckel -drums

Piece of Time website - www.pieceoftime.us
Piece of Time facebook - http://www.facebook.com/PieceOfTime
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