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The "almost" annual Nantucket Heartbreaker bash was a special event for many reasons.
Two excellent bands Driver and The Commune got the night started out. It was a celebration of Tommy Redd's february birthday. The show featured both the current drum guru Jason Patterson and previous percussion master Kenny Soule. Heck, Kenny Soule stepped out front to help on vocals too.
It was the first bash since bassist Pee Wee Watson re-joined the band. Tony Williams from 2112 percussion helped out on cow bell.
A show is not complete without cow bell. NC legendary singer Terrie Gore sat in. John Wetmore from Joker's Stage Lighting proved again why he runs the best lighting service
in NC. The crowd was amazing too. The place was a buzz. Nantucket band proved once again why they continue to rock for over 40 years.

Larry Uzzell: vocals, harmonica, keyboards

Tommy "Viagra Test Dummy" Redd: guitar

Eddie Blair: sax, keyboards ,vocals

Pee Wee Watson: bass, vocals

Ronnie Waters: lead guitar

Jason Patterson: drums

Kenny Soule: drums

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