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These guys pretty much define a "live show" for everyone. Since the 1970s, they put the "audience participation" in music without losing a step.
If you were at the show and were standing still, you were either stunned or not alive. The crowd was an extension of the energy on stage.
Much of the crowd was an "old school" one, but they say 50+ is the new 20s and 30s. I did see many people introducing Mother's Finest to their next generation.
Hopefully, these images capture the essence of show.

Moses Mo: Guitar
Wyzard : Bass
Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy: Vocals
Murdock: Vocals
Dion : Drums
John Hayes: Guitar

Tasty guitar! Just ask Mo.Couples can rock!  Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy  and MurdockJoyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy  and MurdockJoyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy  and MurdockBa-Ba-Baby Jean. Can you feel it?John HayesJoyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy  and MoMusic is an audience participation sport!Jerry "Wyzard" Seay in the pocket on the bass.Joyce "Baby Jean" KennedyJoyce "Baby Jean" KennedyMother's Finest Joyce KennedyJoyce "Baby Jean" KennedyMother's Finest at Lincoln TheatreJoyce "Baby Jean" KennedyClear as Black and White. Wzyard can play.Moses Mo with a little help from his friends.Moses Mo grooving.Baby Jean takes you higherJoyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy