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The Lexx Luthor band was formed in 1984 in Kinston, North Carolina(NC). If you like heavy music in the vain of these bands :METALLICA, QUEENSRYCHE, METAL CHURCH, DIO, PAT TRAVERS, SAXON, MOTORHEAD, CELTIC FROST, and more.. You will love this band! Nobody can cover these bands like Lexx Luthor.
Lexx Luthor: Lincoln Theatre June 2017Lexx Luthor Band:  Southland Ballroom October 2015Lexx Luthor: Marty Burns PartyLexx Luthor: Greenville (Live Bar) 2/22/2014Lexx Luthor: Cliff Jackson Memorial Concert 2013Lexx Luthor: Lincoln Theatre (Feb. 2, 2013)Lexx Luther: Lincoln Theatre (April 29, 2012)