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Greensboro based Electric Soul Pandemic brought their mix of electronic funk rock psychedelic jam to Raleigh's Southland Ballroom.

Jay "Bird" Beverly: singer/songwriter/keyboards
Randy Elliott: guitar/effects
Jeremy Gamba: guitar
Justin Heter : Percussion, vocals
Scott Nichols: Bass

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Jeremy GambaJay "Bird" BeverlyJay "Bird" BeverlyRandy ElliottJay "Bird" BeverlyPatriotic view of bassist Scott NicholsScott Nichols in smokeScott Nichols in smokeScott NicholsRandy ElliotJeremy GambaRandy Elliott, Scott Nichols, Justin HeterScott NicholsScott NicholsScott NicholsRandy ElliottJeremy GambaJeremy GambaJay "Bird" BeverlyJay "Bird" Beverly