King Hitter: MetalFest Lincoln Theatre 2017Bone Shelter: Lincoln Theatre 2017Driver Band: Ray Price 35th Anniversary ShowNightshift Band: WRAL Balloon Fest 2017Will McBride Group: WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest 2017Doby : Lincoln Theatre May 2017Elusory Band: Sprinter Metalfest Lincoln TheatreThe Seduction Band: MetalFest Lincoln Theatre May 2017The Breakfast Club: Lincoln Theatre April 2017Jason Adamo Band: Lincoln Theatre April 2017My 3 Sons Trio: Blue Note Grill March 2017The Heartbreaker: Ritz RaleighThe Rousters: Blue Note GrillProwess: Maywood RaleighNantucket Band: Heartbreakers Ball Feb. 2017The Commune Band: Heartbreaker Ball at the Lincoln TheatreMostly Crue: Black & White, Vintage, and Birthdays TooDonna Blue Band: Scooters Feb. 2017Driver Band: Lincoln Theatre Feb. 2017The Broadcast: Southland Ballroom